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Changed the site’s theme

I’ve been thinking of doing this for some time now so I only hope that this doesn’t break anything. If you encounter any problems in any of the site’s pages, please let me know.

Thank you for your patience, as I’ve finally completed the calendar for October to December 2008. You can view it here: Calendar. To those of you who wanted it emailed, I’ll be doing it shorty.

I’ll be working on our schedule of classes and performances for both October and November soon. I’ll post an entry about it as soon as it’s done.

Class this Thursday, 10/9

Class this Thursday, 10/9, will be at the ballroom. See you there!

Class this Thursday, 9/25

Class this Thursday, 9/25, will be at the ballroom. See you there!

Class this Thursday, 9/18

Hi folks! We’ll have class this Thursday (9/18) at the ballroom. See you there!

Oh, and although I missed it, we did indeed have class this past Thursday, 9/11.

I was given a disc filled with photos from our trip to Lanai this year and decided to make a little slideshow out of it. Enjoy!

This one’s an upload to YouTube:

This one’s at a little higher res and uploaded to Google Video:

And, a much nicer version is available over at Vimeo. (Update: Here it is down below.)